Coding is the New shopping

Coding isn't just for boys, its not meant for non- minorities. Its meant for anyone including you. Coding helps you become stronger and more experienced in different areas.

About us




What coding can help you with:

  • Become more successful
  • These days, coding is required for many jobs
  • Coding is FUN!
  • Running your own bussiness
  • Black girls learning how to code is something that would make you stand out especially since you are in a field that already is an unrepresentation of yourelf.Our goal is showing that Coding and shopping can be hand and hand with each other. After learning the route for the mall or in this case learning the different codes. You can now choose different lines of code that creates your website, which you can use to display your clothes. Why pay someone to make you a business when you have the skills that coding gives you to make it yourself?

    Our solution

    We want combine coding and shopping. By attracting girls all around that share an interests in shopping and fashion.The goal is to let them know how fashion and coding can be combined. Also showing girls that whatever they want do to doesn't even have to be limited to a STEM field just having the skills can take you a long way. We also want to show how coding is easy and fun once you get the hang of it. Girls can learn languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and more. Reaching girls from the age of 12-18 is really important I feel like the younger you start off the more you would gain the love for coding.

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